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Est. 2021

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Services We Offer


  • Tractor Discing

  • Mowing & Heavy Brush Clearance

  • Weed Removal Services

  • Chemical Applications


  • Chemical & Organic Services

  • Rodent Control


  • Boom & Airblast Applications

  • Hand Spray Precision Applications

  • Soil Amendment Services

  • Equipped to use Conventional or Organic Chemicals


Recently founded, AG Integrated Pest Management (AG IPM) is located in the Riverside, CA area.AG IPM's mission is to provide white-glove assistance to landowners with any chemical application project.AG IPM is family owned and operated; with 20+ years of accredited experience in pest control and landscaping management:Safety, Performance, Customer Service, and Trainingare our core pillars. AG IPM provides quality service only years of experience brings, with the personal touch of a local firm.AG IPM works with University and local experts to use the latest techniques for pest control.We equip our customers with the knowledge first and then providing services. It is important for the customer to know why we do the tasks we do. AG IPM is equipped to handle orchards and open land projects. We handle organic and conventional chemicals. We spray with precision using our 100 gallon sprayer.

AG IPM Logo "AG IPM Consulting and Applications"

Est. 2021

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